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Toronto Cyclist Union president Andrea Garcia praised the Sherbourne lanes installation: "Cities all across North America that are doing way more innovative things for cyclists have been building separated bike lanes for a long time...

It's great to finally see Toronto catch up." However, she also regretted the loss of lanes on Jarvis: "People live and work and go to school on both of these streets and they all need a safe way to get to these places." Ford was elected mayor with 383,501 votes (47%) over George Smitherman's 289,832 (35.6%) and Joe Pantalone with 95,482 (11.7%).

Ford received 80,000 votes from the "Downtown 13" wards, or 20% of his total votes. After his DUI conviction became public, his share of the vote increased 10%.

After it was revealed he was banned from high school coaching, he raised For the Executive Committee of City Council, Ford named councillors who had endorsed him in his campaign.

Ford's first budget was passed with no tax increase, using previous years' surpluses. During the summer of 2013, City Council endorsed Ford's plan to cancel the "Transit City" transit plan and build the Scarborough Subway Expansion fulfilling one of Ford's main campaign promises.

In later years, Council would reject Ford's transit plans, including not putting the Crosstown LRT underground for its entire route.

He made the football squad, but did not play in any games.

He left Carleton after one year to return to Toronto and did not complete his degree.

Ford registered on January 2, 2014, as a candidate in the fall's mayoral election.Ward 2 is located in the north-west corner of the city in the former city of Etobicoke. If you don't like what the province is doing, there's going to be an election in June of '03 – before our election, by the way." Ford argued against spending money on the suicide prevention barrier on the Prince Edward Viaduct, and spending it instead on rounding up child molesters "who are the main cause of people jumping off bridges." Ford proposed a cut to each councillor's 0,000 office budget, money for travel to conferences, ending city limousine usage and club memberships.The ward's population of over 50,000 in 2006 was 53% composed of immigrants, the largest group being South Asians. According to Ford, "if we wiped out the perks for council members, we'd save 0 million easy." Ford made a point of not using his allotted city budget for his office expenses, paying for the expenses from his salary.It is mixed in nature with 40% of dwellings being single-family detached homes and 35% being high-rise apartments. He claimed for his first year, and for his second year.

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It was during the 2001 budget deliberations that Ford earned a reputation for passionate speeches. In Ford's opinion, "all this office budget stuff is self-promotion to benefit yourself. It boggles my mind." During the debates around the 2002 municipal budget, Ford and Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti got in several heated exchanges, where Mammolitti called Ford a "goon" and Ford called Mammolitti a "scammer".

Ford was one of only three councillors to call back in person, within a day.

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